About Us

When our Founder and CEO, Bryn Alleman, was 18 years old, she felt her Mother was wrongfully terminated from her job. In hopes to cheer her up, she immediately hand-crafted a sarcastic greeting card for her Mother to give to her boss. Though her kind-hearted Mother did NOT give the card to her old boss, our Founder became proud and inspired by the laughter the card created.

For the next 14 years, The Dark Mark was a place for Bryn to "hide" her dark, misunderstood humor. On her quiet, lonely (but HILARIOUS) journey, Bryn met an old lad named Marshall Groome. Upon meeting and working together in the Managed Healthcare industry for several years, it didn't take long for Marshall and Bryn to figure out that their hearts were equally dark, and ironically huge. For years, the two worked together creating hilarious greetings for common occasions, and adding those special times they personally felt a Greeting Card could REALLY be used! (Divorce, Break-ups, Menopause, First-Period, etc)

In 2019, The Dark Mark got an exciting call which inspired Bryn to pursue The Dark Mark as a full-time webpage, rather than a seasonal, local Pop-Up. Of course, when she called Marshall (despite not talking for several years), he jumped right on board. In 2020, Bryn became an official CEO and Founder of The Dark Mark greeting cards and named Marshall Groome the President of The Dark Mark.

We are so excited to Welcome you to The Dark Mark Family! Thank you all for your support.